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Here is a small handful of some of the things I've built! (Many more to be published soon)

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The Biggest List of No-Code Tools 🔗 Link I've taught 800+ UVA and Forge students about No-Code. I would also get asked I knew a good tool that could accomplish X or a website builder that could do Y. So...I made a list of 105 amazing No-Code tools.


Career Resource Library 🔗 Link As a student or recent grad, you have dozens of decisions, worries and demands at any given time. That's why I decided to curate the best resources from around the web to help you on your journey. The Career Resource Library is a portal to the tactical and practical advice, lessons, templates, and resources you need to help you in your career.


Charlottesville Tech Guide 🔗 Link This guide is for anyone who wants to get more involved in the Charlottesville startup community - entrepreneurs, investors, students, businesses, government officials, or startup enthusiasts.

This website was made with Notion + Super (paid referral link).


Skillshare Courses (coming soon)