Howdy! I'm Andy 🀘

This is where I live on the internet. Come on in!

I occasionaly write things and send out updates about what I'm working on.

I love to create new educational opportunities that empower students. I also build communities. πŸš€

I am currently working on Radify with Allison Garrett where we are preparing university students for modern careers through online programs. πŸ’»

I spend almost all of my time in Virginia. I was born and raised in Fauquier, went to school in Charlottesville, and now live in Richmond.

Virginia is an awesome place with lots of adventures. Here are just a few cool moments I've had in the state this year.

My hobbies

I love to stay active! If I'm not working, I'm usually getting sweaty or eating.



Meal Preping

I'm always looking for new projects

Want to work together? Shoot me an email!

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