Howdy! I'm Andy 🤘

This is where I live on the internet. Come on in!

I occasionaly write things and send out updates about what I'm working on.

I'm creating new educational opportunities for students. I'm also a No-Code Nerd. 🚀

I am currently working at HackCville where I'm the COO. Before I started why role at HackCville, I started a company called Radify with Allison Garrett where we are preparing university students for modern careers through online programs. 💻

Outside of my role at HackCville, I also dedicate time to building products and companies that help students of all ages.

👨‍💻👩‍💻 - invite-only career club for students and recent grads interested in working in tech


Things I spend time doing

Whenever I'm not working, you can probably find me doing something outside or lifting weights.


Constantly varied functional movements at high intensity

Meal Prepping

I've been preppin' meals for 5 years

Obstacle Course Racing

Running fast while climbing over stuff and carrying heavy thing